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General Manager, Israel

Iris Arbel has over 15 years of experience in managing innovation and developing innovation cultures in companies.  She has a Ph.D. from the Technion, one of the world’s leading science and technology research universities. Her doctoral research focused on harnessing creativity within teams to foster innovation.

Over the last ten years, Iris has been a partner in setting up and managing the day-to-day of the Knowledge Centre for Innovation at the Technion, promoting innovation in the Israeli economy at the national level by consulting and influencing policy making.

For the past four years, she has served as a VP for Strategy and Innovation at Tadbik.

Most recently, Iris has developed tools and methods for promoting innovation in both social and business sectors by pioneering new entrepreneurship models.

Iris also serves as an academic advisor and lecturer for Entrepreneurship at 3 of Israel’s top academic institutions: Tel Aviv University, the Technion, and the IDC.

חן שטרן

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מנהלת תיקי לקוחות - SIT4

Hen is an Account Manager in SIT4 – SIT’s Social Impact Unit responsible for engaging with teams from the non-profit, government and NGO organizations; helping them to use innovation effectively to achieve their goals and overcome their complex challenges.

Hen brings a unique perspective to her role, drawing on past professional experience first as an Occupational Therapist, then designing and managing large-scale projects in a leading healthcare provider, culminating in her most recent position as the National Director of Accessibility with the Commission for Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the Israeli Ministry of Justice. Here she led cross-organizational projects to pass legislation in parliament (“the Kneset”).

Hen is also passionate about her volunteer work, where she mentors families to achieve financial stability.

Hen has a B.A. in Occupational Therapy from Haifa University and is completing an Executive MBA Public Sector from Bar-Ilan University.

אלון ששון

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Innovation Facilitator

Allon is an experienced director of strategic planning, business development and technology innovation.

During a 20 years career in the office of the Prime Minister of Israel, Allon led cross-functional large scale teams of engineers, data scientists and intelligence analysts.

Allon is helping managers and startup companies identify opportunities and threats, define their strategy and plans accordingly and achieve their goals.

He loves life on the edge, where each day looks different from the day before, and uncertainty dominates.

His passion is using his experience to train and mentor young entrepreneurs, focusing on projects with educational value. Allon takes part in few initiatives aiming at transforming formal and informal education to better suit current and future challenges.

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רותם ליפציגר

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מעצבת בסטודיו SIT

Rotem is on SIT’s in-house graphic design team –  working both on branding client projects and preparing materials for facilitation and marketing. Rotem designs in various media, including presentations, print materials, websites, and digital tools both off and online. Rotem has a Bachelor of Visual Communications Design (B.Des) from Holon Institute of Technology with specialization in Branding design, Marketing, and Advertising.

Rotem has mainly held positions in branding and advertising with several local Tel Aviv Advertising Agencies.

רותם שושני שמיע

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מנהלת תיקי לקוחות

Rotem is an Account Manager for SIT’s Israeli clients. In her previous role at SIT, Rotem managed a large-scale innovation project for hundreds of SIT-trained Innovation Coaches from all around the globe. In the past, Rotem was part of the SIT international Affiliate team.

Rotem facilitates SIT’s local pro-bono workshops for community and social ventures; this is a continued tradition from her previous volunteer work with at-risk youth. She has a B.A. in Psychology from the IDC with minors in Communication and Intrapreneurship with a focus on Innovation. Outside of work, she also admits to being an unaccomplished pianist, sports enthusiast, canine lover and meditates whenever she is in or may not be in the mood!

אודי ירושלמי

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Udi has joined SIT as CEO in April 8th, 2018. Udi brings a depth of professional experience as manager, advisor, reformer, and promoter of corporate social responsibility from his work in both the public and private business sectors, in public broadcasting and global investment and banking during periods of major organizational and technological challenges.

As Chief of Staff and Deputy CEO of Israel’s premier and most successful Radio Station (GLZ/GLGLZ) with some 300 staff, he guided the stations through a major period of change over five and half years, managing the whole range of corporate, financial, strategic and organizational functions, introducing entrepreneurial and innovative approaches to ensure increased growth and profitability of the station.  With overall responsibility for the operation of the station, Udi headed up strategic planning and policies, marketing and sales, financial legal and regulatory affairs, organizational restructuring, and introduced strategic partnerships and joint ventures. During his work there, Udi launched six new successful digital radio stations and several new digital platforms.

Prior to this, Udi served as Advisor to the Chairman of the IBA (Israel Broadcasting Authority) where he was instrumental in successfully promoting important public legislation governing the IBA, reforming sales strategy, managing big scale contracts and realizing dormant company assets.

Working in the private sector beforehand, Udi served as Marketing Manager for the Arison Group a major global investment and banking firm, and as an Advisor to a Board Member in the field banking and real estate. During this time, he took charge of the group’s marketing, advertising and branding programs, establishing new-media platforms and initiated partnerships across the branding sector. Within the realm of corporate social responsibility, Udi also lead the strategy of “Good Deeds Day” – a highly acclaimed manifestation of corporate social responsibility, and served as a donation committee member for one of Israel’s biggest philanthropic foundations.

Udi studied Political and Social Sciences in Tel Aviv, and is a graduate of the Maoz Program for public and social entrepreneurship and professional leadership.

He is fluent in English and Hebrew and open-minded about the multiple challenges of working with SIT affiliates and clients wherever they are located worldwide.


יעל מנור

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מנחת חדשנות ומנהלת תיקי לקוחות

Yael Manor is a facilitator and key accounts manager at SIT. Yael specializes in managing large scale innovation programs within multinational organizations. She designs training programs for the development of hundreds of innovation coaches, while weaving together the necessary company architecture to support innovation making it into a well-oiled machine. In short, Yael puts both the “organize” and “innovation” in organizational innovation.

Yael facilitates and lectures worldwide. She is adept at working with people from different cultures and backgrounds, appreciating how people or companies relate to innovation and knowing how to help them push the envelope.

Yael’s vast knowledge of the SIT methodology stems from her joining SIT back in 2002. Alongside her work at SIT, Yael pursued her degree in law. After passing the bar, Yael spent time building her legal career, working for top Tel Aviv law firms as a legal consultant specializing in real estate, planning and zoning law and court litigation, to both public and private sectors. After a few years break, Yael returned to SIT, with her experience leading her to the role she holds today.

Yael holds an MBA (Cum Lauda) majoring on Management and Business Psychology, and LLB and a BA in Psychology.

עידית ביטון

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מנחת חדשנות

Idit is a Senior Partner at SIT and serves as Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer. Joining SIT in its early years, she has been strongly involved in the company’s growth, management and development into a global innovation company. She combines a passion for innovation with a deep understanding of the challenges facing organizations wanting to adapt their innovation culture.
A talented and skillful facilitator able to lead clients to breakthrough results, Idit has worked on hundreds of innovation projects with leading multinational clients such as Bayer, Coca Cola, SAP, Johnson & Johnson, Kodak, and Nestle, as well as in leading global advertising agencies (McCann-Erickson, BBDO, and others). Previously Managing Director of SIT Israel, she was responsible for developing various specialties such as SIT Ventures, conflict resolution, and market research.
Idit teaches innovation at Bar-Ilan University School of Communication, and is a guest lecturer and keynote speaker at Wharton, INSEAD and international innovation conferences.
Idit has a Bachelors degree in Communications and Political Science, completed her Masters Studies in Mass Communications, and received a diploma in Journalism and Media. Idit’s creativity also finds expression in the beautifully imaginative arts & crafts she produces in her home studio.

הלה פלס

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מנחת חדשנות וסמנכ״לית כספים

As CFO at SIT, Hila is responsible for developing and maintaining the company’s financial and operations management, including Business Intelligence and Pricing Models. She also acts as mentor to novice Facilitators, guiding them through their period of orientation and integration at SIT.
Hila specializes in Facilitating Hi-Tech and complex technologies. As a Senior Facilitator and Trainer in SIT’s innovation method, she has personally led broad strategy development projects – with a focus on Productivity and Efficiency – for many well-known companies such as Johnson & Johnson, SanDisk, BMC. She spearheaded tactical New Product Development and Problem Solving projects with Emerson Electric, SAP, Checkpoint, Camtek, and Infineon.
Formerly CTO of Britannica.com Israel, Hila’s expertise in software development and computer-based in education is considerable. She holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics Magna Cum Laude from Tel Aviv University. To round off her busy schedule, Hila also sings alto at her local choir.

קרן שמר

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מנחת חדשנות

Karen is a senior innovation facilitator at SIT, with considerable expertise in designing, building and leading innovation programs and projects for organizations. She specializes in New Product Development, Creative Problem Solving (from end-to-end and concept to launch), and Marketing Communications. With  14 years of experience at SIT,  she has worked with companies of various sectors and sizes, such as Andersen Windows, Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé, Manfrotto, Bayer, the Council for Jewish Education in New York, AdvanSix, the municipalities of Kiryat Malachi and Petach Tikvah, the Israel Democracy Institute, among others.

For five years, Karen was the Director of Training at SIT. Throughout this time, she advanced the organization’s capabilities in training both senior and novice employees in order to maximize their potential. She created, launched, and guided training for all the company’s facilitators and mentored them during all stages of their professional development.

Karen almost qualifies for the title of an ex-Bostonian. Prior to working at SIT, she graduated from Emerson College in Boston with a Master’s in Marketing Communication and shortly after joined a Boston start-up, where she managed the sales of a web-based lead-generation platform.

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