SIT Scouting

SIT scouting is a service SIT provides to out of Israel customers, looking for Israeli technologies, solutions and companies fitting their business and strategic needs.

Our ultimate goal is for our client to reach business objectives with as low as possible time and energy investment. Our scouting team is expert at understanding the clients needs, and quickly fine tuning them based on the feedback received during the first interactions.

Why SIT Scouting?

The value SIT scouting delivers to its clients is based on three main pillars:

We have knowledge and experience in most sectors, together with a deep understanding of the trends, technologies and solutions being developed in Israel

In addition to the pure scouting, we apply the proven SIT evaluation tools and methods for innovation mapping

Along with the wider SIT team, we have a close networking with the vast majority of the Israeli ecosystem

Past experience



Real Estate and construction tech

Needs mapping

A couple of calls with the customer, meshed with our scouting team acquaintance with the Israeli Technology arena, lead to a first short list of companies potentially fitting the customer’s needs.
The feedback provided on this short list enables the team to move to the search phase

Screening and matching

More companies are contacted by the scouting team, to deeper understand their proposed solution, product and financial status, and overall capability to deliver on their promise.
In addition, the team’s personal network provides another mean to due diligence the companies, and submit to the customer only valuable ones.
A first call is initiated between the selected companies and the customer


If the customer decides to pursue further interactions with the companies, the SIT scouting team assists in facilitating the interactions, bridging over eventual cultural and business gaps, and providing other services via trusted partners, like legal and IP due diligence/
Facilitation includes setting PoCs, attending meetings, physical visits to the companies premises, and any other support the customers may ask for.

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