SIT’s Innovation Journeys are unique programs of immersion in Israel’s innovation ecosystem. Encounter breakthrough technologies, learn best practices, and be inspired by innovations and innovators of all stripes. Benefit from our unique method, facilitation skills and vast network, to promote your innovation and business goals, and boost your organization’s innovation capabilities.

All journeys are built on a strong base of LEARNING– skill sets of tools and methods trough facilitated workshops and lectures [link to modules and facilitation], taking the participants from WOW (it’s amazing!) to HOW (can I do it too?), and focusing not only on WHO (we meet) but also on the WHAT (can we learn form it?)

Our Services

  • Innovation learning process- Gain practical tools and innovative mindset and get the best value out of the visit with SIT workshops and facilitation, lectures and other activities [link to Modules and facilitation tab].
  • Business opportunities- Scouting for technologies and solutions to your business [link to scouting tab]
  • Ecosystem- visits and activities at inspiring companies, organizations or people.
  • Program production and operation- Full-board hospitality package including: land transportation, accommodation, evening activities, meals and drinks, special events and tourism, at your choice.

Types of Journeys

A.Thematic -focused on specific technologies- artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, robotics, bio-tech, fin-tech, autonomous driving, Agri-tech, Cyber security, wearables, AR/VR and others.

B.Generic -broad exposure to the Israeli innovation ecosystem, a horizontal taste of all segments- Public sector, Corporates, Academia, Social and culture, Hubs VCS and funds, Startups and Human capital networks.

Highly focused learning journey, with well-planned rich and efficient schedule that covers a wide enough range of topics with very in-depth contents as well. All contents focus around the theme of “innovation”. With 15days of learning, institutes, cutting-edge start-ups, incubators, and government agencies were all covered and visited, providing a multi-dimensional observation of religion, culture, innovation policies and mechanism of Israel which enables an in-depth understanding of the source of innovation for this nation.”
Congrui Li

CEO Assistant, Sinochem Group China

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