Design Your Innovation Blueprint

Participant Profile & Testimonials

Design Your Innovation Blueprint program is designed for mid- to upper-level executives who have been charged – formally or informally – with creating a culture and sustainable practice of innovation in their company that supports the business strategy and translates into quantifiable top-line and bottom-line results.

What recent participants say about Design Your Innovation Blueprint:

“This program was completely eye opening. The biggest value was discovering that you can learn creativity and understanding that, as a good manager, you have to carve out time during your week (for innovation) and inspire your team. Allowing people to share ideas and that you’re trusting them: that’s something I’ve learned through this course.”

– Bettina Alonso, VP, International Development, Oceana

“From my perspective, I’d describe the program as the future. A lot of the concepts I’ve learned are going to drive forward my business, our ideas and where we go.”

 Ben Healy, Head of Clients and Marketing Services, Clayton Utz

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