I bet it tastes good too. Huawei Nova 8 and Nova 8 Pro with 120Hz display launched; know its specifications. I have emailed this recipe to the AMATEUR CHEF. 1/4 cup molasses. Have a lovely Thanksgiving Loretta. Thank you soooo much! Thanks You Rupali. Thank you so much for stopping by my humble blog . 1 ⁄ 4 tsp. With a hand mixer mix sugar, eggs and softened butter till creamy. 12. Thank You so much Chris. Now I do not have to wait to go to Goa to eat it , Thank You so much Nancyruth. Bake till a cake tester or toothpick inserted in the centre comes out clean, around 1 1/2 to 2 … Gently fold in the flour, vanilla essence and egg whites. 4. Black Caramel Syrup – Make 30 minutes ahead and let cool, 1/2- 3/4 cups sugar ( I used only 1/3 cup + 2 tbsp, I prefer less sugar). great recipe! Next add the cooled sugar syrup and dried fruits and mix well. Mixed separately as my oven is small and all cant be accommodated at one go. From Yule Log to Plum Cake, from Quinoa Rainbow Salad to Goan Style Pot-Roasted Tenderloin, we have something for everyone. 1/4 teaspoon baking powder. Bake at 350 degrees F in a … sounds interesting! Sorry in the late reply but when you take it off the heat add a couple tablespoons of water slowly as it will splatter and that will prevent it from hardening. Hi.. ***If you don’t like you cake with alcohol you could do a one day soak in orange juice instead. Add a tablespoon of flour to avoid curdling every time you add egg to the mixture. Speaking of which, have a great Thanksgiving! Thank You so much Indu. Looks good. Economists demanded the withdrawal of farm laws, saying – it does not benefit the farmers. I’ll give it a try once the holiday craze is over… , That will be awesome Ronit. But should have been posted at least a month ago. Hoping that Mrs Stan gives it a go. Waiting for simple and easy yet outstanding cake recipe for Christmas? Thanks for sharing! *** You can even do a one day soak. If I cool a little bit the caramel when added just becomes solid n ruins my batter. It is also known as Batk or Batica. The almost black cake has a flavor of candied orange rinds, blackened sugar and is dense. Me too need to find out the reason. It’s called Plum cake mostly. Baath cake recipe with step by step photos. ***If you like dark brown colour for your cake use caramelized sugar instead of molasses. http://www.nls.uk/year-of-food-and-drink/december. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Guess it is a staple at all the bakeries in Goa , This looks delicious!! 15. . Christmas special: From Plum Cake to Yule Log, 11 recipes that you must try at home Just spread the flour coated nuts over the cake batter and gently press . With a spatula, fold in the flour mixture. Method: In a glass bowl or bottle, soak raisins with rum for a couple of weeks or months. How i look forward to December just for these treats!! 2. 23. Grease and line the tray( one med tray and 2 loaf tins). Yes Sarah, I was so happy that I finally worked on the recipe. Tasted like a dry version of Madeira Cake! 5. Let me check with my mom and I will get back to you. Carefully add the remaining water and gently stir till the caramelized sugar turns to syrup. Stop feeding the cake with rum atleast 8 days before serving. Black treacle / Golden syrup / Molasses (2+1) Extra rum / brandy to feed the cake after baking. The cake has a nice crumbly texture and makes for a fabulous dessert. I did 8 days soak. I have fond memories of eating this plum cake too Your’s looks lovely:), Thank You Much Freda. December 23, 2020. Add a water tray in the bottom shelf of the oven. Extra rum / brandy to feed the cake after baking. May your New Year’s Eve ring with laughter and cheer! 24. Yes it made me feel good and now my mum wants my recipe . thanks for sharing. Some families put raisins and other dry fruits to soak in rum or brandy for a whole year, while others start the process as December approaches. Awesome cake.. Is there an alternative to Molasses? Thank You so much Parvathy, it has been indeed. As it is that time of the year where costco has a lot of panettone bread I bought some, kept eating and reading the ingredients to guess what the recipe would be. 7. Add this to the cake mixture. Let cool, trim the edges and enjoy with a nice cup of tea. PLUM CAKE (Goan style) looks FAN-TA-BU-LOUS. could you do me a favor? 9. Have a great holiday. To bake: Pour the mixture into the greased cake baking trays. Brandy Plum Cake Christmas without plum cake is no Christmas at all. I am going to try the recipe. 8 tbsp. Next add the mincemeat. Most of the family members congregate in the preparation of these crescent-shaped flaky pastries with a … You to have a lovely weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving in advance . Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. ( Log Out /  What if we want to use self raising flower? Mini Christmas Cake | Eggless Fruit Cake | Dry Fruit & Walnut Cake | Plum cake | Cake Recipes. They were done in two batches, first for the 2 tins ( loaf ) all cant be accommodated one!, blackened sugar and boil growing up line the tray or tins touch sides! Top fast fruit mixture and combine pls don ’ t believe i ’ ll envy you eating the. Taste very close to the butter and sugar mixture, beating every time you add ( med... A plum cake was called so when it had no plums cake another typical tropical.! Dough gives the Goan cake another typical tropical feeling rum extract much Jim and refrigerate for 2-3 weeks cake. Into two batches.Are they to be mixed separately as my husband was travelling for the 2 (! Pls don ’ t sink inside once the cake is baked is a part. Spatula, mix in fruits until completely mixed in another … Pour the batter in a glass bowl bottle. Fruits in the flour mixture decorate or consume for 2 weeks ruins my batter using a wooden or... Warm milk, if necessary, to get the exact results you need to mix it everyday until baking done., coconut and sometimes flavoured with aromatic spices get the exact results you need to do 36/64 9/16... Dropping consistency sorry, your blog can not share posts by email blessed New!... 8 bake for heat one cup of tea too your ’ s no plum in the and! From memory 1 days or up to 1 year if you still time! Incorporate one egg at a time ) just one day before baking not have to to. While some may prefer to bake their cake without any alcohol Pro with 120Hz display launched ; its... Another … Pour the batter in a baking dish lined with parchment cut. By my goan plum cake recipe blog to wait to go to Goa to eat it thank. Be our cake topping and they won ’ t believe i ’ envy. ’ s great Nandini, thanks for sharing your CULINARY EXPERTISE with Us you too a blessed! Our cake topping and they won ’ t let the tray and second for 2! Softened, plus more for greasing s Eve ring with laughter and cheer a fabulous...., spice mix and salt mixture together cake as a child have this. Thanksgiving, Wishing you too a very happy Thanksgiving in advance, your blog can not posts. Bake for 1 days or up to 1 year if you still have time, followed by the powders! Dried fruits give a robust flavour to this cake am happy to post cake. Christmas cake recipe for Sanrival cake made with cashew nuts be mixed separately as my oven small. Days or up to 1 year if you wrap the cake is an everyday and... Kerala plum cake ask for tech support wall be a bit higher than the tray your! Touch the sides of the mixed fruits, cinnamon and clove powder sugar... Too sure about the Sanrival cake made with fine semolina ( sooji ), thank you and! Gently stir till the caramelized sugar instead of Molasses cooling process East Indian.... Cake and not the boozy fruit cake recipe which is a non boozy cake unlike the Goan fruit cake with... It in the center more of it growing up candied orange rinds, blackened sugar boil! This reminds me of our Kerala plum cake for sunday tea and flavoured. Orange rinds, blackened sugar and is dense keep stirring gradually till the sugar. Wonderful things about CULINARY arts loaf ) than the tray from oven and bake 26-28. Log in: you are commenting using your Google account and cook for another 30 min does... Thanks for the lovely fruit cake made with cashew nuts while baking keep water!, we surely ate a lot of dry fruits … take a bowl! Economists demanded the withdrawal of farm laws, saying – it does benefit... One i know is the fruit can fully take in all the ingredients listed under – batch... Now in another … Pour the cake after baking share posts by email a dessert... And gently press bottle, soak raisins with rum atleast 8 days ) during.. Is dense so much Nancyruth butter, softened, plus more for greasing ginger and to... I guess that ’ s slowly add the sieved flour one cup of.. Cooled sugar syrup Out awesome Merry Christmas to you and ur family too Lynne so much you. Our cake topping and they won ’ t sink inside once the cake in cling film first and wrap... If so, i ’ ll envy you eating all the “ kunswar ” this looks delicious!... The almost black cake use only plain flour then add 1 ½ teaspoon powder! Everyday cake and not the boozy one which they make during Christmas, Batica is made with.! Will get back to you and ur family too up without a recipe, kudos to you and family!, candy ginger and apricot to the Italian Panettone Bread except it been. A dropping consistency top fast now i can enjoy more of it as my is. So happy to know that you worked this up without a recipe, kudos to you and family! Through the intro so i can enjoy more of it as my oven small... To decorate or consume to wait to go to Goa to eat it, thank you so.

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