Enough said. In 2010, I used it to paint a hallway and the master bedroom. My dog scratched the door and the paint didn’t show scratch marks, it again peeled. Doing other daughters house,previous owner had a rose color on kitchen wall repainting it yellow.Bought paint an primer all in one started putting one coat on bled through hubby stopped and primered the whole wall, then painted with all in one paint and still bled through, so he had to put another coat on. By my bed, I have scratches and dings when whenever my finger nail hits the paint it chips off. Very disappointed, because I thought with the money I spent I would be getting premium paint. I wanted to paint our walls in our basement. Behr is Guaranteed 100% take it back and buy what you want. And I probably spend 20% of the time actually painting; the other 80% is spent taping trim, patching, lightly sanding/scuffing up the walls, washing the walls with a sponge, and meticulously removing ALL dust and contaminants from the walls (and floor). The paint won’t lay out properly or dry properly. For you all trying to cover pen marks, majik marker stains and or water stains etc. Back then I painted most of my 3 BDR townhome with Behr and Glidden paint. Very rough wood! Priming a textured drywall can be done with one coat of primer, depending on the quality of the primer (PVA is not preferable). It did not work!! I have an autumn orange in my bedroom. If the 2009 coats have faded any, then I have yet to notice. And if you know you’re painting in the next few months, WAIT for a SALE!!! I would like another coat of the almond color over new drywall anyway. I intend to use this brand to paint a few more rooms in the house. Absolutely very little to no smell. I used the Behr with the primer in a red covering white. The first coat looked splotchy. Seems like there is a viscosity issue. I see people using the wrong products time and again in an effort to save a buck, only to end up spending twice what they would have if they had used the correct product to begin with. You do that enough and you just won’t try it without it. I’ve been painting 30+ years and most of you dont get it! I am very thankful that I had only put one coat of Behr on the walls so far. Its good for walls with existing paint that needs some stain blocking or concealing-thats it!! I used the new “primer and paint in one” on a guest bedroom that had not been painted since I moved in. And btw if you decide to go with the Behr premium plus ultra, or any high end paint, please please please use the good brushes, rollers, applicators, and etc. ——— It took two coats and no trace of the dark gray is left. Painters tend to be loyal to their paint store because of the huge discounts that they get off the retail price. I was also painting walls with textured finish (ugh). Just completed an entire townhouse. Don’t prime with enamels–they are too brittle and will flack off anything that flexes slightly (look at lady’s fingernail polish as an example–nails flex slightly, fingernail paint does not.). ), it does not self-level at all, and it does not sand well. Then on close inspection of the dining room, where I had a little end table sitting in a corner waiting to be moved into the living room (which I haven’t painted yet) I noticed the paint has rubbed off all around the edges of where the table is leaning. See our privacy policy. The store didn’t do it long enough. I bought an extra gallon I didn't need, but it was worth every penny. When I put 2 coats over the compound it continues to “flash”. Although it can adhere to surfaces previously painted with oil based paints, 9 times out of 10, it will just peel off. anyway, they left a lot of lint. A very disappointed customer. The paint did not roll on smoothly and took about 48 hours for the paint to feel dry despite having the house closed up and the air conditioning cranked up. Also please note that just because I work for thd doesn’t mean I’m just pulling stuff out of my a**. So, there is a contradiction for a paint to be both a primer and a paint. I tried it in my kitchen and was floored. He complained about the red paint, that it did not roll on nicely. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PAINTER AND PRIMER IN ONE. Oh, and one coat coverage? In the room with ‘Morrocan Red’ color they use a high-hiding red pigment in the formula for Behr Ultra, and it took two coats. It covers really well with just one coat. Anyone needing some advice or help my addy is on yahoo …… “dm1171966” Good luck do it your selfer’s. I have seen siding which warped, and it looks like someone attacked the siding with a flame thrower- not pretty. However, I am very pleased with the outcome. Please help-thank you. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GUARANTEED ONE COAT PAINT. We returned the unused can to Lowe’s and went over to Home Depot. still I did my house with more and as long as I used a roller it went so-so. did not like the bher. Regular stuff covers like you’re painting milk on the walls. There are many different ways to enjoy the wonder of a Disney holiday. Behr paint is awesome. I know I didn’t like Behr in the past but things change quickly these days. The big thing is that there is no saving it. Have not used the new ultra. Used eggshell in another room with the same problem – uneven and too shiny for eggshell. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Then my seams started to show. Very disappointed. It might not last as long as doing one primer and then two top coats, but if I do one coat now, and then another coat in ten years. I could have gotten this from a $20 can of glidden. BEHR Paint Products [Home Depot] The paint and primer in one is a JOKE! BEHR Premium Plus Ultra ® Interior, the original high-performance Paint & Primer in One, now allows consumers to paint, prime and protect all in one to help projects get done quickly and easily with long-lasting results. Apply product on dry substrates when air and surface temperatures are between 35°-90°F (2°-32°C) and will remain between 35°-90°F (2°-32°C) for at least 4 hours after applying. I just painted the interior of my house and this paint went on well, hid any marks on the walls, and looked good. Shoty paint jobs only look good for about 1 year if that.You just happend to get lucky on you choice of color too green cancels out blue. Now that would stand up to anything. So if it can block tannin bleed it might block smoke damage. have used behr paint forever and have been satified with the results from south texas to the state of washington…..no problem with ur paint. And I bought Standard Behr Premium base paint. If they are picked at, or abraded early in the curing cycle, delamination may occur. If you have these problems I recomend sanding and priming and not using an all-in-one paint and primer. Personally, I don’t think this would work all that well, I just found it interesting enough to write about. Oil based paints will not accept waterbase paints hence water oil do not mix ever however primer is a whole differant ballgame. Thanks to all of you for your advice and opinions. There is no way to get away from the primer phase of a good paint job. When you paint waterbase paint over oil base paint the paint will eventually peel off in sheets. Ask any real painter, it does make a difference. (I definitely take part responsibility for not paying closer attention, but HD guy could have also pointed out the difference). cause you to hesitate. Combo primer/paints are just about as expensive as a primer and paint purchased separately so there’s not even a monetary benefit? I would say that the thickness of the paint seemed to make it more difficult to cut-in, but it rolled on well. ive used it many times and it leaves a great color..Home depot sells mostly Behr paint and do u think home depot would sell shit? The incompatibilities between primer and paint mixed together can result in lifting, wrinkling, poor covering and a lack of adhesion and therefore should not be mixed. The soft, velvety, reflective appearance will also brighten up your hallways. None compare to this one. I’ve used the regular paint and other brands. These paints have actual primer technology which assures added adhesion for the paint. In conclusion, it’s always best to use a primer under your paint. seriously these posts are cracking me up-. If you know a contractor go to Sherwin Williams and get the 200.It is still the good stuff (for contractors) and probably the only real paint left. So we are planing on doing a second cost so I can hide the messy brush strokes. #1 – it’s not the BRAND of paint showing your drywall problems -it’s the level of gloss. Getting ready to use it for trim and doors in kitchen. Behr Premium Plus Ultra Paint & Primer... you gotta try this on your next project Peeps. I just called Home Depot to find out if I could get my money back for the paint plus primer I bought that is not worth the time or money. It did spatter a bit, but with some prep work…shouldn’t be an issue. We do rebates for many paint/stain companies and retailers. ONE COAT and we were done. Problem is, when I pointed out the “dagger” symbol to the clerk @ HD, he mixed the correct primer color but then informed me the finish color was only available in the combo product! Interior paint dries to harder surface, so adding in exterior modifies the surface to be less hard but still slightly harder than if it was all 3 gallons exterior paint. Some models cover very well with one coat. Actually, I would strongly suggest you look elsewhere for your paint! It is dk. I started with a front door. I used this and it is TERRIBLE. I tried the premium plus ulta/primer in the paint over the weekend and it was terrible. It seals both uncoated and previously painted surfaces to create a finish that resists mildew, stains, moisture and stands up to scrubbing. I also used a Purdy 5″ XL brush for cutting-in but I need lots of practice as that looks pretty poor. take a piece of sheetrock, prime part of it with white, part with a medium gray primer, and use 2 coats of a red paint over unprimed sheetrock. The one thing I have always liked about Behr is that they do their best not to lie or make false claims about their products, and they stand behind all of their products. It looked better when it was dry but, obviously, one coat was not going to cover. I am covering a light blue paint with a medium to dark yellow paint. With a paint that covers existing or uncoated surfaces without a separate primer, Behr saves homeowners time by reducing the need for multiple products. I would like to see if anyone has anything to add to this. hope this helps. I’ve painted the dining room, living room, 4 bedrooms, hallways, and two bathrooms. White has no pigment so it doesn’t cover well (another reason for a million off whites on the market) but Behr’s high coverage White is the best covering “White” I’ve come across in over 30 years of painting ~. Alot of you should read what I posted previously about half way up. I find it difficult to believe that Behr does not understand Ultra’s deficiencies. Painted outside in hot weather. Kristen – It will depend on your color. This was the WORST paint EVER!! loc_en_US, sid_1010101000070-I, prod, sort_[SortEntry(order=FEATURED, direction=DESCENDING), SortEntry(order=SUBMISSION_TIME, direction=DESCENDING)]. I was painting over a sage green paint with an eggshell finish. Ron said he would recommend against it, he said there is a purpose for primer, that’s why they make it and that he was skeptical. It may work well on finished surfaces but not on new drywall. It does dry quickly, so for this type of paint job, really had to stay on top of drips. I don’t think a good painting job can be ever done without two coats. I am going to use it on my trim and doors when I paint them the next time. Take your new roller and roll it over a wide strip of masking tape back and forth to pull out the loose fiber. This 100% acrylic latex, mildew-resistant finish offers improved hiding for greater coverage and is ideal for wood siding, vinyl, aluminum, masonry, brick, stucco, fences and garage doors. It’s paint. It costs $32.00 a gallon and I am so upset over the loss of time on this job. Federico Calvette. Interior Paint & Primer Behr makes highly rated, award-winning paints, stains, and more that deliver superior value at every price point so everyone can transform their space into the look they want with the colors they love. Use BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® Paint as a primer over properly prepared coated or uncoated surfaces. Let Pro Referral do the leg work and match you with quality local painters. I am so enraged right now. Just to toss in a few clarifications about many of the statements made in previous posts. THey matched it and we painted our 30 year old garage vinyl siding with the Primer/Paint in one coat. It goes on very well when applied correctly. Each one was brand new. So many people try to take the cheap way out but yet want the look of a professional job, thats not going to happen. HD was happy to take back the unused can even though it was custom tinted. I have been using Behr paints for years with mixed results, depending on the color/conditions of the walls. Since I won’t be living there years later, I’d be blissfully unaware of any problems. Now I realize he is painting over a light brown color and not red, coverage over barn red or chocolate may be different, but we are pleased with our results. The Primer element of the paint separates from the “Paint” as it begins to dry. Lastly, weather should not be overly damp or overly dry. “Normal” paint job requires 1 coat primer 2 coats of paint. This stuff just doesn’t pass. Use the best tools (brush , rollers) you can afford. I hated this product. Ugh….wiping, wiping, wiping as it is running, running, running off the walls! However, if I were paying a contractor, I would insist on primer and two coats. Overall I think it’s a great versatile product! What a waste. They are wood paneling. I just finished painting my basement (literally, 2 hours ago… i still have paint on my hands). Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Three years ago I painted tje exterior of my rental property with Behr Primer Plus. It will be a netural color with pure white trim…. I have been very very pleased. BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA Interior Hi-Gloss Enamel Stain-Blocking Paint and Primer in One is 100% acrylic, providing an extra durable glossy paint film that is moisture, stain and scuff resistant. That being said, I have made many displays using the darkest reds, blues, and blacks I could find, and the Behr ultra has always covered extremely well, usually one coat, or two coats max. If they were to do the same color in the Ultra those coats would go down to 2-4. Is there anything I can do about this peeling problem without peeling the paint off my walls entirely & starting over again (with an oil based primer)? Use a high quality 3/8-1/2" nap roller cover, nylon/polyester brush or airless sprayer (.015-.019" spray tip, 60 mesh filter). I recently tried Behr Marquis and premium plus. If this is as good as their other formulations and saves time, why do they still sell the other stuff? Looks like one coat is all that will be needed it’s a great paint. I will continue to use Behr products. Find coordinating colors then preview them in your own virtual room image. 37 years in the paint business so if you want to argue with me you better know your stuff. By the way, I am a professional artist as well as a home owner and I know paint intimately. re: Scott’s comment. Primer is what paint sticks to best even with the vulcanization of other paint. None of the various posts I’ve come across are like this one. The instructions (as with 99% of the on shelf products) will explain how the product is to be used. I thought I would need more and had an extra gallon. I just finnished painting my kitchen with Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint and primer in one. Not worth the extra money or “time savings.”. Flat hides best, and avoids annoying light reflections. Oh, and to the peeps trying to paint red walls, the only time I have been able to successfully paint any shade of red, has been with the great help of Sherwin Williams, with their tinted primer and paint. Painted the walls had to paint them again also. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. It is obvious to me that you are anything but a “professional” which is frequently tossed around trying to impress those who are easily impressed. I figured what the heck, let’s try this paint. If any of you nice folks can give me some advice I would love to hear from you… I’m using Behr ultra and primed walls before applying. The paint is peeling off like old wall paper (actually its probably coming off easier than that)!!!! My impression was that they traded-off long-term durability and appearance for ease and speed of application. I looked on a couple of DIY websites to see if I was doing anything wrong. Seeing as I wanted a perfect looking smooth finish, I put the paint on using a chip brush first 2 coats. I just finished last weekend painting a “feature wall” with Behr premium paint and primer in Ruby Red. I agree with Barbara in that it shows ALL the drywall problems! Red paint is translucent and it reflects the light off of the wall and exposes unevenness in coverage. If I had a tract of homes to paint and could get the job done in a single application per home with no drying time between primer and color coats, that would be very attractive. The contractor liked it and it looks smooth. I bought a house in 2007 and since then have used only Behr Premium or Premium Plus with primer, stain for my fence and satin enamel for my inside walls and flat paint the outside. I have seen commercials and have heard about other paint brands that make the claim of, “one coat, guaranteed”, however there will always be situations where multiple coats are necessary. I just finished painting the exterior of my house. Bottom line: this paint is SO worth the price. Fact about paint, good paint like PPG and Sherwin W. have more solids mixed Any advice on how many coats of drywall primer on new textured drywall? Primer , especially water based primer, is crappy stuff. Darker colours may require additional dry time between coats. I’m a painter/ decorative painter with 40 years experience. This is amazing paint. In fact, that’s exactly what I’m doing now. I’m curious, for those of you who say you have used BEHR paints in the past, how many of you have used this particular kind with the paint and primer in 1? Can’t believe I just sat here and read ALL these comments and I’m still as undecided as ever whether or not to use Behr. I worked in the Home Depot paint department several years ago. We purchased the Marque best BEHR paint and was told it was a one coat. for kitchen and bathroom walls and bathroom ceilings, we have been given choice of satin or semi-gloss paint – any advantage of one over the other? Overall I have been impressed with this product. This sleek sheen resists mildew and wear, so it's great for bathrooms and kitchens, and its radiant appearance makes it great for adding color to cabinets, trim and indoor furniture. I always use primer, tinted to match my top coat. I later used SWP Duration, which works pretty good. and only then can pay for various orders. Behr is one brand I avoid, I made the mistake a few times, never again. Try this. I believe this finish will last a lifetime. The cabinets were cheap, old and ugly. Every painter knows it usually takes more than two or three coats when using reds and blues. the same can be said for the painstaking blues and reds. There is no priming properties about this paint. Most people I recoment primer to dont use it, and end up sometimes doing 3 to 5 coats depending on the color. Its literally like dog poop. Recently, got tired of the color so decided to repaint using flat Behr Premium Plus Ultra. Many hours of work wasted. Most products on the market have low volatile organic compound content, whereas they had some solvents (even in latex paint products) in the past. You get 6 inches along with a brush and if you have to retouch it pulls itself right back off of the wall. I am in the middle of painting a very long, high hallway and was concerned about the paint spreading very unevenly. The satin finish is very nice, and the color dried evenly. STOP using cheap rollers and brushes and you will get better results. I’m very curious as to the success rate of the combined paint and primer setup. There was a small chip in the wall due to a dresser being moved. We just follow their rules. After a few months, the paint is cracked and falling off. Reason #2 : water-based paints are easy to clean-up (i.e. Truly disappointed. ANY ONE NO OF ANY GREAT COUPONS, DISCOUNTS, ETC ON PURCHASING BEHR ULTRA PREMIUM PLUS PRIMER IN ONE PAINT? Paint and primer in one sucks. So instead of complaining about the paint, try reading the can to see what the MFG recommends and “FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS” maybe you’ll have success such as I did. I used Purdy Dove rollers and with a basic ‘M’ pattern it rolled on very well, with little to no roller markings showing even after only a few hours of drying time. For he final 2 coats I thinned the paint with Walmart RV RED antifreeze, works great like XIM Extender as it has propylene glycol, water and ethanol. Nothing like good prep – clean, prime, and paint. It’s just not going to happen. It’s one of the best paints I have every used, lasts 20 years, it scrubs great, and doesn’t flake, peel, or pull off of the walls like some other high end brands. Wrap your brush in plastic or a very damp rag in between dips so it doesn’t go dry waiting for its next use. They are simply using a marketing gimmick to help increase their dollar amount. It’s also apparent the person who’s webpage this is put much work in it. I have never seen a paint perform so poorly! I used the Behr Paint/Primer combo recently to repaint a dark gray bedroom to cream/white satin. Paint did not go on well at all. Porter paint is contractor(ie crap) grade best used in new home construction where the new owner will immediately repaint or rental properties, never, ever high-end jobs. Yeah, but if the taper screwed up, you’ll need another coat of paint to fix the problem after you remud. Avg. I like how it goes on and the coverage. My nose was running and my throat got sore and I got so nauseated and then got a headache. See how our MARQUEE® Interior Paints and BEHR Exterior Paints and Stains are I used this stuff for my babies nursery. glidden isn’t bad either. I love the thickness of the paint, the adhesion, and quality of the finish. Cutting the tape is the best way to avoid shearing paint which overlapped the tape. Elizabeth-While I am not a fan of Behr- The peeling paint was definitely not their fault…you have surface preparation issues that need to be fixed…you will have the same problem with any other Paint. I painted over a very deep blue color wall w/ a light khaki green (called Teabag) and did end up needing to do 2 coats but it was nice to only have to use one paint roller instead of one for primer then another for paint. Now for the good: Adhesion is terrible. I am SO suprises by the comments above. It’s important to note that nowhere in the product description or specifications does Home Depot state anything about one-coat coverage. Hate it. As far as the dry time problem that Tami encountered…paint dries quicker with heat and low humidity. I take great pride in doing the job well, so I agonize to make sure there are no roller lines. This was even stated on the Sherwin Williams cans years ago. It’s not magic and neither is the paint. will go to sherwin -williams and get same color and paint the rest of house. Preview, match, and coordinate colors "on-the-go" with this convenient tool.

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