A unique and interactive learning experience based on SIT’s approach and methodology. The Innovation Suite provides a “hands-on” environment to develop the capabilities needed to embrace and drive innovation and to learn how others have used it to achieve significant results. We invite you to join leaders from all over the world participating in this 3-day event and to become part of a vibrant innovation community of more than 300 alumni from 35 countries.

Contact us at InnoSuite@sitsite.com

  • Learning

    Occurs in different settings such as group activities, lectures, reflection time and case studies, to name a few. The Innovation Suite is led by experienced innovators, SIT facilitators, and leaders like you. This year, the event will have two specialized tracks: one for Innovation Users, those interested in becoming innovators and another for Innovation Architects, those interested in leading and embedding innovation in their organizations.

  • Innovation Architect Track
    Innovation Architect Track

    We will teach you how to set up the right structure, gather the right people and develop the right processes and mechanisms in order to embed innovation in your team, department or whole organization. You will also learn how to kick off an innovation project and how to end up with innovations that are both creative and implementable. MORE>>

    Innovation Suite Agenda, click here

  • Innovation User Track
    Innovation User Track

    In this track you will learn how to develop an innovation mindset along with the tools, skills, activities, and proficiencies needed to approach your work differently. You will also learn how to break out of your mental models and how to identify opportunities for innovation “inside the box.” MORE>>

    Innovation Suite Agenda, click here

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    I'm Interested

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