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Roy Bendor Cohen is an innovation facilitator and account manager on the SIT team. After completing his thesis on the mental processes that underlie creative thinking on the MA Interdisciplinary Programme for outstanding students in cognitive psychology (Tel Aviv University), he joined the SIT team in order to apply his conclusions outside the lab.

Roy's roots are deep in the educational world: he lectured at the Dov Lautman Unit for Science Oriented Youth, taught Spanish, served as an instructor in the 'Computer Science Olympics' and tutored schoolchildren with special needs.

He lived in Madrid for five years, taught Spanish for three years, travelled Latin America for six months and still volunteers in the 'Escuelita' where he helps in translations for Latin immigrants. He admires flamenco and classic guitar, is a big fan of Improv theater, enjoys reading books and talking about philosophy. Roy is fluent in three languages and can get around in two others – a linguistic trait he has inherited from his mother. He has been resident in three countries and travelled in more than thirty.


I would like to thank you for the SIT session you gave during the program last week. The feedbacks were awesome, some of the participants came a little bit skeptic to the session and went away out of it with an eager to learn more and explore the methodology. It was eye-opening and 'brain-stimulating'. The session was valuable not just in the context of the program; I think the SIT methodology would be a great tool for the participants to use in future endeavors as well. I look forward to continue work together in the future // Oded Barel, CEO, Siftech
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