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Nurit is a Senior Partner at SIT, serving as its Chief Empowerment and Development Officer, essentially responsible for the company’s two most important resources – its method and its people. For over a decade, Nurit has cultivated all of SIT's intra-organizational departments: Knowledge Management, Design, Innovation Products and Human Resources.
Nurit directs the professional development of all members of the SIT team, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to tackle the global complexity and demands of working with SIT's multinational clients. Her work ensures the quality of service SIT provides to its clients.
True to her Argentinean roots, Nurit also directs SIT's Latin American team, and is responsible for all of SIT's work in Spanish and Portuguese.
While Nurit's expertise ranges from implementing company-wide innovation programs to small scale projects, she specializes in working with top management to establish self-sustaining innovation in their organizations. Nurit has headed projects on five continents, facilitating in three languages – English, Spanish and Hebrew.
Nurit holds a B.A. in Education, History and Philosophy and an M.B.A. specializing in Human Resources and distance learning. Before joining SIT she was Managing Director of a non-profit organization in Israel. A proud mother of two, Nurit is fond of cooking and scuba diving (not at the same time).


From my work with Nurit for 10 years, I believe she is one of the highest level professional innovation facilitators and consultants, in SIT in particular, and in the innovation field in general // Michal Dunsky, Director of Innovation process, Fun & Indulgence, Strauss Group
Nurit’s strong application of the SIT method demonstrated how to build a team, and even more so - equalize the team, so that all voices were heard, not just the loud voices that usually have their way. What impressed me the most about Nurit was the long hours put in to deliver results. After one session ended, she went back to prepare for the next session, with a huge quantity of notes taken that day. There was not a second without typing! Her dedication to the project had her working into the night, to come out the following morning with the next rabbit to come out of the hat // John Hurrell, Sustainable Development Manager, Bayer SAS, Environmental Science Division
I believe what makes a good facilitator is their ability to let people do their work and not necessarily think for them, and use their experience to bring that out. Nurit is very good at that, and that's what makes her a really great facilitator. Paul Steiner, CEO, Huliot

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