Michal Lokiec-Yarom

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In her consulting capacity, Michal has all the hallmarks of a long-distance runner, able to manage the complexities of long-term global innovation programs with a balance of discipline and diplomacy.
She brings a mixture of empirical innovation research and realism gained from her experience in the field and the academy. In parallel to her work as an innovation facilitator and project manager, Michal completed a thesis looking at the factors influencing successful implementation of ideas ("The Chronicle of an Idea").
Michal pioneered the "SIT Inside" concept in which she relocated for several months to the US to serve as an in-house innovation catalyst for one of her clients.
Michal's talents and/or vices – depending on your vantage: she is definitely a chocoholic - loves to make, eat and experience chocolate with all the senses and obviously this has already achieved genetic transfer to her son Omer.
She has an MA in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and a BA in Biology and Psychology from Tel Aviv University.


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