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When you have been at a company for fifteen years and lived through several websites, and seen the company develop almost from the very start, one can’t help being nostalgic. Even so, talking about our modest beginnings now might throw you off the scent: the endearing thing about living and working at SIT is that modesty is still an important value - in our interaction with our clients, although not in our ambitions for them.
It is exciting to be part of a team that has taken a huge global bite, helping companies everywhere to innovate across virtually every business sector, cultural and geographical area on the globe. Mostly my work here over the years has revolved around marketing SIT, designing our creative approach to the media and advertising worlds as we have evolved – and a host of other things that are harder to define and categorize.
Prior to joining SIT, I worked in the fields of ergonomics, industrial engineering, and organization development in a number of companies including British Steel and Philips and in marketing computer services in Israel. I have a Graduate Diploma in Industrial Engineering, M.Sc. in Organizational Development from Sheffield.

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