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Karen is the Head of Training at SIT as well as senior facilitator for strategic clients. As the Head of Training Karen is required to master all aspects of the SIT method and ensures all facilitators, senior and novice, maximize their potential. To do so, Karen designs and executes costumed, individual training programs for every SIT professional. She also mentors innovation managers in their path to become innovation experts in their organizations.
Karen is responsible to developing SIT’s most successful and prestigious innovation programs and events, some with in partnership with local sponsors and partners in many countries. As a facilitator in her own right, Karen specializes in New Product Development, Creative Problem Solving, and Marketing Communications. She has conducted numerous innovation projects, lectures and workshops. In her resume you will find: Bayer, Pearson Publishing, Israel Aeronautics Industry and different NGO’s.
Karen almost qualifies for the title of an ex-Bostonian. Before joining SIT’s team, she has graduated from Emerson College, Boston, with a Masters in Marketing Communications and shortly after joined a Boston start-up where she managed the sales of a web-based lead-generation platform.


Karen is amazing. She has a very 'to the point' personality, and is really easy to work with. Karen helps me manage my innovation sessions, and is my go to person for consulting. I learn from her as we prepare for the projects, so that everything is put into practice right away, and it makes it so much more tangible. She really gets me organized. I've never caught her without an answer yet! //Alona Komsky, Chief Innovation Officer, Kata-Manfrotto
I would like to commend Karen Shemer's work in Innovation Workshop for "Clalit Health Services." Karen explained the contents in a clear, interesting and very professional way. She was very attentive, knew how to give further explanation if necessary, and made an excellent connection with the group. In summary, Karen knows exactly how to get information to become knowledge and practical tools to improve creative thinking // Dan Altman, Head of Staff- SAP Logistics, Ness Technologies at Clalit Health Services

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