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Idit is a Senior Partner at SIT and serves as Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer. Joining SIT in its early years, she has been strongly involved in the company's growth, management and development into a global innovation company. She combines a passion for innovation with a deep understanding of the challenges facing organizations wanting to adapt their innovation culture.
A talented and skillful facilitator able to lead clients to breakthrough results, Idit has worked on hundreds of innovation projects with leading multinational clients such as Bayer, Coca Cola, SAP, Johnson & Johnson, Kodak, and Nestle, as well as in leading global advertising agencies (McCann-Erickson, BBDO, and others). Previously Managing Director of SIT Israel, she was responsible for developing various specialties such as SIT Ventures, conflict resolution, and market research.
Idit teaches innovation at Bar-Ilan University School of Communication, and is a guest lecturer and keynote speaker at Wharton, INSEAD and international innovation conferences.
Idit has a Bachelors degree in Communications and Political Science, completed her Masters Studies in Mass Communications, and received a diploma in Journalism and Media. Idit's creativity also finds expression in the beautifully imaginative arts & crafts she produces in her home studio.


I had the opportunity to be a customer of SIT where Idit was our account manager. Idit demonstrated amazing personal skills and provided creative solutions. During the joint work Idit created a very good atmosphere that enabled successful work towards the goals // Sarit Pery, R&D Program Director, Panorama Software
Idit did a wonderful job of guiding us along the process, providing years of experience // Liz Lewis, Brink's U.S
Idit Biton who has been facilitating the process is an amazing person. She is very passionate about what she does and was able to overcome any resistance and skepticism, and make the group work well. Her passion for the methodology is incredible and also her ability to work with people. SIT doesn’t leave you by yourself when the project ends, they are committed to helping you see it through. Idit even stopped in when we hit a bump on the road // Fleur Helmig-Huisman, Category Development Manager, CCSD Chocolat, Nestlé
Idit is a powerhouse! Her breadth of knowledge is outstanding. She is strongly agenda oriented, with the right degree of flexibility to ensure results. // John Hurrell, Sustainable Development Manager, Bayer SAS, Environmental Science Division

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