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Our 70-plus staff all share a passion for innovation, and for helping organizations and individuals become more creative. We come from diverse professional backgrounds, including marketing, advertising, engineering, ergonomics, psychology, education, alternative energy, computer programming, medicine, IT, and organizational development. 


The commitment of the people that were facilitating the process. We saw that this is a group of professionals that know their area, breath and live it, enjoy it and this is why we were so enthusiastic each time we were listening to them // Alberto Monsalve Saenz, Vice President of Marketing and Services, Seguros Bolivar
These guys are subtle thinkers! // Rachel Audige, Global Communications & Branding Manager, Bayer CropScience
What I find most beneficial from SIT’s work with the teams is their non-conventional way of creating an atmosphere to put people at ease. SIT facilitators are always able to generate the confidence, throughout the process, that something valuable will come out in the end. The method creates a different mindset for “activating brains” and makes sure that the participants are able and willing to share ideas that they have” // Jura Loliger, Scientific Advisor, CT-R&D, Nestle
I sent four of my most critical creatives and account people to test the seminar. They returned reluctantly positive: "Hmmm, the course was good. It actually was. More people should take it. In fact, everyone!" // Anna Laurin, formerly CEO, ANR.BBDO, Stockholm
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